It has been months now with our 5 new council members.

Nothing has improved in Minturn.

We have parking problems, buildings built against code, selective code enforcement.

Still do not have safe sidewalks.

These council members seem to care more about their personal agenda  then making Minturn a safe town for families.

Only in Minturn can you park in front of a fire hydrant!

Minturn needs a ski lift to connect us to Vail or Beaver Creek.

This would help to improve Minturn, by brining in more money. Minturn council has again raised our water rates.

They waste our money on foolish projects, like the new street lights in downtown Minturn. We already have street lights that do a better job than what was just installed. 

Why would more money be better, you ask? Because hopefully, after council waste money, some extra  money could trickle down to the citizens to improve our town.

Minturn is a dirty town. 

Town staff refuses to enforce codes.

By building a ski lift it would bring in new people with new ideas and would help clean up this town.

It would be great to walk from your house in Minturn to a chairlift.